“There was a period in my life where I was loosing sleep at night because my tax was not up to date with the IRD.  I was desperate for help and to make matters worse I couldn’t find any accountant I could trust to take me out into the clear. Then one day by chance, I explained my problem to work a colleague and he suggested that I visit Glenfield Tax Accountants. I could never forget that day. Steve greeted me with a warm smile and over a hot cup of coffee, I explained everything to Him. He gave me his full attention, I could see him taking careful notes while I reminiscent over the mistakes I’ve made. Then the turning point came around when it was Steve’s turn to speak. In a calm and reassuring voice he gave me an accurate summary of what I have told him and then in plain and simple English he explained the steps I needed to make in order to settle my account with the IRD. I knew straight away Steve is the man I could trust. That night, I slept like a baby and today I’m on IRD’s good book. Thank you very much Steve!”
– John T

“Glenfield Tax Accountants doesn’t just advise, they also invests themselves –  “We’re not wealthy people, but we will be considerably wealthier by the time we’ve taken all of his advice” 
– Grant M

“Glenfield Tax Accountants is different – “He explains everything!”
– Alan B

“Dear Hala

Thank you so much for taking care of our business and keeping things up to date. I’m  very pleased with how you and the firm keep us updated and your service is top notch. Thanks again for your efforts and a high quality service.

– Weam A


“Glenfield Tax Accountants explained in layman’s terms what was happening – “I felt confident and knew why we were doing things. I wouldn’t have felt good if I’d had to sign a whole lot of papers I didn’t understand. They took the time to explain it all without a whole lot of jargon. I found that really beneficial”
– Faye G

“Glenfield Tax Accountants has kept me informed and tax compliant which has helped me to focus on my business.”
– Neill N