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Problems With The IRD?

We are here to assist you if you have any problems with the IRD, in most cases there are issues with the IRD and we ensure that resolutions are brought to cases which are complex in nature and clients need us to support them to ensure that tax penalties are avoided. Some of the issues and complex situation with IRD are the ones which our clients would not have thought were in the realm of possibility.

Without a doubt the penalties and interest IRD imposes on late payments of tax arrears are vicious. However if IRD did not ‘overcharge’ large numbers of people would not pay their taxes. For instance if IRD did not charge interest that was higher than the banks people would use IRD as a bank. For instance, if people like property developers could have the use of money they should have paid to IRD for overdue taxes, at a lower rate than what the bank would charge them, then they would use IRD’s money.