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A company’s payroll is the list of employees of that company that are entitled to receive pay and the amounts that each should receive either on weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis. We provide the payroll services to our clients so that they can focus on other business aspect whereby our team is here to ensure we do the logistics such as keeping records of payments that were previously made to the employees, including salaries and wages, bonuses and withheld taxes.

We are here to ensure that we look after your payroll process such as timesheets, calculating wages, producing pay checks, direct deposit monitoring and remitting any tax payments necessary. Payroll plays a major role in the internal operations of any business for several reasons, from the perspective of accounting however, payroll and payroll taxes are subject to laws and regulations.

One requirement to maintaining high employee morale is that payroll must be paid accurately and in a timely manner because employees are very sensitive to any payroll errors.